12 Weeks of Wisdom series:

Week 1: Embrace Self-Awareness.

Reflect: What are your top two strengths and areas for improvement in recruitment?

Develop: Seek feedback from a colleague and set goals for personal growth.

Week 1: Embrace Self-Awareness. 

According to Blanchard Leader Chat - Tasha Eurich has revealed that "95 percent of people believe they are self-aware, but the real number is 12 to 15 percent,” she says. “That means, on a good day, about 80 percent of people are lying about themselves—to themselves.”

Week 2: Cultivate Curiosity.

Reflect: When did you last discover something surprising about a candidate?

Develop: Ask open-ended questions in your next interviews to uncover deeper insights.

Week 2: Cultivate Curiosity. 

According to Ness Labs curiosity questions happen 2.36 times in a two hour stretch in young childhood, and only 0.48 times when talking to 10 year olds in school.

Week 3: Practice Open-Mindedness.

Reflect: Can you think of a time when a new idea significantly improved your recruitment process?

Develop: Attend a webinar on innovative recruiting strategies.

Week 4: Develop Empathy.

Reflect: Recall a moment you truly felt the challenges of a candidate.

Develop: Practice active listening in your next candidate conversation to foster deeper empathy – What are 3 things that they told you?

Week 5: Embrace Change.

Reflect: What change have you been resisting in your professional life?

Develop: Implement one new change in your approach and monitor the results.

Week 6: Seek Wisdom from Others.

Reflect: Who in your network embodies the wisdom you seek?

Develop: Arrange a mentorship session to gain new perspectives.

Week 7: Practice Gratitude.

Reflect: What are two recent successes for which you are thankful?

Develop: Start a gratitude journal and share entries with your team to inspire them.

Week 8: Prioritize Humility.

Reflect: How have others contributed to your success?

Develop: Publicly acknowledge these contributions in your next team meeting.

Week 9: Foster Patience.

Reflect: Think of a time when being patient led to a better outcome.

Develop: Next time you’re in a rush, take a deep breath and remind yourself of the value of patience.

Week 10: Value Simplicity.

Reflect: Identify two processes that could be simplified.

Develop: Choose one and take steps to streamline it for you and your team.

Week 11: Find Joy in the Journey.

Reflect: What aspects of your job bring you the most joy?

Develop: Incorporate more of these joyful aspects into your daily routine.

Week 12: Live Authentically.

Reflect: Are your personal values aligned with your professional actions?

Develop: Create a mission statement for your recruitment practice that reflects your true self.